Funeral Accessories Guide

Most funerals involve an amazing number of funeral accessories with which any good funeral director can assist. Family members who have lost a loved one are encouraged to remember that the funeral director or funeral home is just the start. There are many funeral accessory options available, and almost all of them can be incorporated into your loved one’s memorial service, regardless of whether they are purchased or ordered by the funeral home serving you. It is important to remember that while a funeral director can be a great consultant for funeral accessory decisions, but he or she is also privately motivated to sell more goods and services for the funerals he plans. So families are encouraged to also consult others to make sure they know all of their options and have struck the best financial bargain on their funeral accessory purchases. This article will explain a few of the accessories available from the memorial products industry today, but we can by no means mention all of them in this short space.

Knowing all of your funeral accessory options can help create the perfect final farewell

Caskets are probably the most familiar funeral accessory, and they are probably the most prominently displayed accessory at a typical funeral home. (In fact, critics of the funeral home industry will often say that funeral homes today sometimes have the look and feel of a used car lot – only with caskets being the product not cars.) Not all visitors to a funeral home realize that caskets used in a memorial service hosted by a particular funeral home do not have to be purchased from that funeral home. Often customers will be able to find a casket from an on-line retailer for a much lower cost than the funeral home offers. And it is perfectly acceptable to ask that your funeral home use that casket for your loved one’s funeral.

But caskets are just the start of the funeral accessories available.

The popularity of cremation has made cremation urns a staple of the funeral accessory world. Most crematories will return ashes to a loved one in a simple container – often made from cardboard and marked “temporary container” – but families will usually want to select a more personal cremation urn for their loved one’s remains. Fortunately, there is a large selection available of this funeral accessory. In fact, a family would be well advised to be sure to check online before buying a cremation urn from a funeral home directly. In most cases the prices and selection available from an online retailer is much better than those funeral homes are able to offer.

Knowing all options for funeral services can greatly set ones mind at ease

Cremation urns have spawned in recent years another popular funeral accessory known as cremation jewelry. These beautiful pieces have the look of standard necklaces and bracelets, but they are designed to include bits of a loved one’s remains inside. Some of the pieces are designed with small compartments for the ashes, and still others include bits of ashes in the piece itself, such as with hand blown glass pieces. Whatever the case, an online outlet that sells cremation urns will usually also have a huge variety of cremation jewelry that can be purchased as a compliment to an urn. Some funeral homes have a small selection of cremation jewelery also available but families would be best suited to search online for their cremation jewelery needs.

Finally, headstones for cemeteries are another popular funeral accessory that most every family of a deceased loved one finds a need for. Even people who have been cremated are often memorialized with a small headstone displayed in a cemetery or some other public spot suitable for such a memorial. Like all of the other funeral accessories mentioned above, headstones can be found and purchased through funeral homes, but also through online retailers. It may surprise many funeral home customers to know that headstones ordered from a funeral home often come from the exact same supplier used by online companies, but funeral home prices are often higher. As with all funeral accessories, families are advised to search online for the best selection and lowest prices for the product that fits their needs.