How Long After Death Is A Funeral?

How Long After Death Is A Funeral

If you’ve been to enough funerals in your lifetime, you’ll be able to observe how they compare. Every funeral is unique depending on the deceased’s culture and personal preferences.  Most of them mirror the life and achievements of the individual you are paying your respects to and preparing to bury.  Funerals are integral to people … Read more

What To Wear To A Funeral Not Black – X Alternatives For Black Clothes

What To Wear To A Funeral Not Black

Funeral and memorial services are extremely emotionally taxing occasions. The last thing you want to do is wear something completely inappropriate in front of the grieving family. When choosing a funeral outfit, the main goal is to remain respectful of the dead ones and their family’s wishes.  A somber occasion like a funeral doesn’t mean … Read more

How Long Is A Funeral Service?

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The duration of funeral services varies depending on many factors such as the type of funeral, traditions, and the religion in question if any. Often, they last half an hour to one hour. Planning a funeral service is an important way to commemorate the life of the deceased and acknowledge their loss. Knowing how long … Read more

What Not to Wear to A Funeral? 10 Things to Avoid Wearing

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It’s important to pay attention to your attire when it comes to attending a memorial or funeral service. Today we’ll discuss what you shouldn’t wear to a funeral to avoid affecting the tone of the whole event. Funerals are sober occasions, and you need to follow modest attire that doesn’t draw attention. Following proper funeral … Read more

Who Pays For Dinner After Funeral?

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The gathering after a funeral, also known as repast, helps families and friends heal and bond in a less formal setting. At a funeral reception or funeral ceremony, the family members and friends sit together, remember the person they’ve lost, and share a meal or just snacks and drinks. This event usually occurs at public … Read more

What To Take To A Funeral? – Listed Here

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Most people don’t attend funerals often, so they don’t know what to take to one. Overall, what you bring to the funeral will depend on your role. If you’re a guest, there’s gift-giving etiquette around memorial services. Still, you should be careful because gift-giving etiquette sometimes depends on the culture or religion of the funeral … Read more

How to Make a Funeral Wreath: 5 Easy Steps

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Wreaths represent the circle of eternal life. They also symbolize everlasting strength, as they can withstand harsh weather conditions. The funeral wreath of early Christian martyrs symbolized the victory of the eternal spirit over death. That’s why people decorate the gravestones of loved ones with funeral wreaths. However, these wreaths aren’t cheap. Luckily, you can … Read more