How to Make a Funeral Wreath: 5 Easy Steps

Wreaths represent the circle of eternal life. They also symbolize everlasting strength, as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The funeral wreath of early Christian martyrs symbolized the victory of the eternal spirit over death. That’s why people decorate the gravestones of loved ones with funeral wreaths. However, these wreaths aren’t cheap.

Luckily, you can make one at home and save money. In this article, you will find a guide on how to make a funeral wreath, so take a look.

Funeral Wreath

How to Make a Funeral Wreath: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have DIY skills and specific requirements about the flowers you want to display at the funeral, you can make your funeral wreath at home.

However, before you start the making process, you should consider what will happen to the funeral wreath after the funeral. That way, you can determine whether you use fresh or fake flowers.

Some individuals make keepsakes with the petals of fresh, beautiful flowers; however, if you use artificial flowers, you can keep the wreath for other funerals.

Extra tip: If you’re organizing a virtual funeral, you can still decorate the funeral room or hall where you’re streaming with flowers, including your homemade wreath.

Let’s review the materials you need to create a funeral wreath.

10 Things You Will Need to Make a Funeral Wreath

If you’re unsure how much of each material you need, I suggest you buy more than you suppose you will need.

It’s always better to have too many instead of not enough materials. You can return any unused material. Or you can save the extra material for future projects.

Foam Wreath

Funeral wreaths come in different sizes and shapes. Most people choose circle-shaped wreaths, but you can also find cross or heart-shaped funeral wreaths.

You can choose whatever shape works for you when buying a foam wreath.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can buy a wire wreath and add your styrofoam. Additionally, if you prefer real flowers over artificial ones, you should purchase a special floral foam for actual flowers.

Remember to soak this foam in water beforehand so your flowers can stay beautiful and fresh longer. If you believe fake flowers suit your project better, you can use a traditional styrofoam wreath.

Sharp Scissors

If you prefer real flowers instead of fake ones, you will need sharp, heavy-duty scissors to cut the stems. Consider buying pruners if you’re using plants with dense branches.

Stem Stripper (Optional)

Flowers with many leaves can be hard to manage, so consider buying a stem stripper to speed up the process. Or skip this tool and carefully strip the stems with your fingers.

Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters

If you consider using fake flowers for your wreath, you should purchase wire cutters, as cutting through wire-stemmed flowers takes a lot of hand strength without the right tools on hand.

Floral Tape

If you plan to use fresh flowers, you should wrap the stems with floral tape to strengthen them. Wrapping the stems with tape allows you to insert them into the styrofoam without bending and breaking your flowers.


Ribbons play a key part in funeral arrangements. Most people place a ribbon across the wreath that says “RIP,” but you can find ribbons that say other things, such as “Beloved Mother.” You can also use the ribbon to make a bow for your wreath.

Tripod Stand (Optional)

A tripod stand isn’t mandatory, as you can easily display the wreath on a closed casket. However, consider purchasing a tripod stand if you plan to show the wreath next to the casket, photographs, urn, or other funeral decorations.

Floral Wire

If you plan to hang your wreath for display, you may also need a floral wire. It’s easy to use and cut with the right tools. So, if you get floral wire, you can quickly create a hook on the back of your funeral wreath for hanging.

Flower Food (Optional)

Some suggest enriching the water you’re soaking the floral foam with flower food, while others say that adding fresh-cut stems of flowers treated with flower food will make your wreath look fresh and beautiful for longer.

Flowers and Greenery

Finally, you will need flowers of your choice for your DIY wreath. Some people use real flowers, while others prefer artificial ones.

Flowers and Greenery

If you’re creating a funeral wreath for the first time, I suggest using flowers with sturdier stems and hardy blooms.

Additionally, some flowers, such as roses and chrysanthemums, last longer than others, so make a wise pick. Lastly, if you’re worried about the cost of your flower arrangement, consider seasonal flowers only.

5 Steps on How to Make a Funeral Wreath

Once you gather all the necessary materials and have a specific design in mind (browse Pinterest for decoration ideas), you can start building your wreath.

You can always buy a funeral wreath, but making your own and adding a personal touch will show appreciation for the person who passed away. If you’re new at making floral arrangements, don’t stress. Just give yourself enough time and stay patient.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to make a funeral wreath in five easy steps. I will wrap up this article with valuable decoration tips, so stick to the end.

Step 1: Choose Your Design

If you lack inspiration, you can look for decoration ideas online.

Once you’ve chosen the design and shape, you should determine whether you will use one type of flower or mix multiple kinds of flowers. Additionally, consider what greenery would compliment the flowers.

Extra tip: Instead of buying too few flowers and returning to the store multiple times, always buy extra, just in case.

Lastly, consider the size of your wreath when purchasing flowers. For instance, if you’re making a lovely 18-inch funeral wreath with real roses, you will need about 50 roses or more for the entire surface.

Step 2: Start With Your Flowers

If you’re using real flowers, you should cut the stems and then lay them out on a table, so you can quickly grab each as you make the design.

Now, start creating your design.

If you’re using fake flowers, perhaps you need to trim the stems with wire cutters to the right length. Just be careful not to cut the branches too close to the buds.

If they’re actual flowers, I suggest you pierce the pre-soaked wreath with a knife before adding the stems to prevent them from bending or breaking.

Moreover, I recommend following a photograph if you’re new to making funeral wreaths. The picture will help you place the flowers in a visually appealing way instead of looking “stuck” in your funeral wreath.

Step 3: Add Your Greenery and Other Decorations

Some people add greenery as a foundation for their other decorations. Others place the foliage after the flowers have been inserted.

Whichever way you go, your wreath will look stunning, as the greenery always contrasts the colorful flowers and other decorations and adds interesting textures.

Lastly, attach a bow or ribbon to your wreath. You can make bows at home out of ribbon or use store-bought ones.

Bows and ribbons aren’t mandatory, but I suggest adding such details because they will make your funeral wreath look fuller.


Step 4: Where Will You Display Your Wreath?

Once you’re done making your wreath, think about the display. Where will you put your wreath at the funeral? If you plan to show the wreath next to the coffin, consider buying a tripod, unless there’s one available at the church or funeral home.

Step 5: What Will Happen With the Wreath After the Service?

Lastly, think about what you will do with the wreath after the funeral service.

Most people have a plan of where the flowers will go after the service, so I suggest you make a plan and stay prepared.

If your funeral wreath consists of artificial flowers, you can either keep it for other events in the future or donate it to a church, nursing home, or a non-profit organization.

If it’s a wreath with real flowers, you can still donate it. Or you can leave your wreath at the graveside of your loved one, as many do.

Last Tips

Most create funeral wreaths as they want to personalize their loved one’s funeral.

While that’s enough to express your appreciation and respect for the deceased, you can make their funeral service even more special with the following special touches.

Create a Playlist or Photo Display

Make a playlist of the favorite songs of your loved one and play it at the reception.

You can combine the playlist with a slideshow with pictures of your loved one in various stages of their life.

Prepare Small Gifts for the Attendees

Consider preparing small gifts for the funeral attendees.

For instance, gift the people packages of forget-me-not seeds, bookmarks with a Bible verse or quote, bracelets, etc.

Hopefully, the guide above can help you make a unique wreath so that you can uniquely express your respect for your loved one.

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